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We are Guangzhou denor swimming pool equipment company , is  a swimming pool cover manufacturers and suppliers , offer a wide of variety of PE covers , winter pool covers , leaf net covers and safety covers for  any shape ,size , style of pool ( above ground and in-ground pools ) and spa .We can cover any new or existing swimming pool or spa . Whether you want total ease of use with a fully automatic pool cover or a simple manual pool cover we have a cover that is right for your needs .Every pool cover from Degaulle pool is beautiful , safe, high quality and green . Installing a pool cover doesn’t have to detract from the beauty of your pool .With our innovative mounting systems , and years of design experience your pool cover will provide the benefits of safety and energy savings while maintaining a beautiful pool environment . Additional pool cover benefits include an increase in pool water temperature , a reduction in water and pool chemical use , prevention of debris from entering the pool , and energy savings .And no more water hassle with your cover pool! Simple solution to allow pool water that has gather in your cover to exit back into the pool while you roll up your cover?


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