Guangzhou Country Garden Fitness Club Swimming Pool Project


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Solution: Guangzhou Country Garden Fitness Club Swimming Pool Project

The project is divided into three swimming pools: adult swimming pool (total water volume: 506m3 ), coach swimming pool (total water volume: 81m3) and children pool (total water volume: 14m3).
The filtration system of this fitness club swimming pool project uses Degaulle swimming pool sand filter. The cylinder body of sand filter is made of fiberglass, which is resistant to wear, corrosion and deformation. The unique design of the water inlet can evenly stabilize the water flow, and the efficiency of the underdrain drainage system is high. It is easy to install, repair and maintain. Water turbidity is less than 2 degrees.
The disinfection system of fitness club swimming pool and coach pool use ozone disinfection. And children's pool disinfection system uses ultraviolet disinfection. UV disinfection is a purely physical method of disinfection, no chemical residues, China's standards require that "infant watering pools should be used ultraviolet radiation disinfection methods," so UV disinfection is also the ideal choice of pursuing health and quality of life.
The fitness swimming pool heating system adopts air source swimming pool heat pump. The use of air source swimming pool heat pump is low cost, easy operation, good heating effect, and securer. The air source swimming pool heat pump takes the energy in the ubiquitous air as the main power to realize the energy transfer, and it does not require complicated configuration to ensure the heating efficiency while achieving the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.


Sand Filter SS-1600

Degaulle Air Source Swim Pool Heat Pump DGL-150C

Ozone Generator

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