Hunan Huaihua Spot Constant Temperature Swimming Pool Project


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Solution: Hunan Huaihua Spot Constant Temperature Swimming Pool Project

Hunan Huaihua Zhapu Xuefeng Mountain Fengxiang Yaozhai Fengxiang Yaozhai has a total area of more than 120 acres and a construction area of ??5,000 square meters. It consists of three wooden buildings and a cultural corridor, forming a courtyard structure. The Fengxiang Yaozhai Swimming Pool is the only infinity alpine swimming pool in the country and the highest swimming pool in Hunan Province.
The heated swimming pool project of Fengxiang Yaozhai Scenic Spot in Xuefeng Mountain, Huaihua, Hunan Province is divided into three swimming pools: a large swimming pool, a maple leaf pool and a massage pool.
The large swimming pool has a volume of 630m2*1.5-1.8m=1039.5m3, the overflow tank volume is 33m2*1.2m=39.6m3, the cycle time is 6h, the circulation mode is mixed flow, and the circulation amount is 179.85m3/h;
The volume of the massage pool is 54m2*0.6m=32.4m3, the cycle time is 2h, the circulation mode is the downstream type, and the circulation amount is 16.2m3/h;
The volume of the maple leaf pool is 93m2*1m=93m3, except for the chair space, the total water volume is 82m3, the cycle time is 4h, the circulation mode is countercurrent, and the circulation amount is 20.5m3/h.
The disinfection methods used in the three swimming pools are all chlorine disinfection. The Maple Leaf Pool and Jacuzzi are equipped with a constant temperature, water treatment cycle system using the Charles de Gaulle glass fiber filter sand tank. The sand tank is made of anti-corrosive materials, made of fiber and resin, and is UV resistant. After the filtration of the Charles de Gaulle glass fiber filter sand tank, the water quality is called a clear and pollution-free! Can drink directly!


Sand Filter SS-2000

Degaulle Air Source Swim Pool Heat Pump DGL-250C

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