Maldives Hotel Swimming Pool Project


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Solution: Maldives Hotel Swimming Pool Project

This swimming pool consists of  a massage area and a swimming area.
The Maldives is a tourist country with beautiful scenery. Every year, a lot of tourists come here for sightseeing.This pool is built in a local hotel. In order to let the guests remember this hotel,its pool is designed in two parts. Before swimming, they can have a full body massage in the massage area. When the guest is completely relaxed, the guest can enter the swimming area to enjoy swimming.
The biggest feature of this pool is the installation of two counter current machines. This counter current machine can adjust the speed of the water according to the swimming speed of the person. Therefore, this machine can provide guests with chances of compete swimming skills to make swimming more interesting.
At the same time, the pool use pipless pool filter S350 to replace sand filter. Because it don't need to build pump room and use physical disinfection method that is harmless to children's skin.


Pipless Pool Filter S350

Counter Current Machine

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