Endless Swimming Pool

Degaulle wholesale above ground endless pool is not a so-called infinity pool, but a pool where swimmers can enjoy swimming without space constraints. The endless pool uses a special hydraulic propulsion device to form a directional water flow, then the swimmer swims in the pool through the counter-current, similar to the treadmill to achieve the purpose of swimming and training. Beautifully sculpted acrylic endless pool swim spa that can transform your home into a year-round oasis. Endless pool swim spa is not just a spa but integrates counter-current machine, spa massage, constant temperature heat pump, fountain, ozone disinfection, UV disinfection, pool lights, waterproof  TV, water treatment, and filtration all in one that you can swim, exercise, and entertain. Plus, the endless swimming pool is the perfect entertainment and fitness solution for family, friends, and solo retreats.

Endless Pools Are Easier To Build

The endless pool is a product that can be used immediately. It includes a complete pool tank, pool water circulation, filtration, disinfection, heating, and water flow control system. It can be built without needing to be built. After the location is determined, the swimming pool escalator can be installed and used directly. The endless pool swim spa can also be pre-embedded and installed. Pre-embedded installation does not require too much pool foundation and decoration, and its engineering volume is much smaller than that of ordinary villa swimming pools.

Swimming Is More Enjoyable

The endless pool adopts the directional reverse swimming method for swimming, so that swimmers do not have to be restricted by the length of the pool space, and swim as long as they want to swim. The water flow speed of the endless swimming pool can be adjusted infinitely variable. You can choose to swim at a leisurely pace, or you can choose to challenge your speed and endurance limits. The endless pool swim spa not only allows you to swim unlimitedly but also makes your fitness or leisure more fun.

More Functions

The endless pool swim spa combines the functions of a four-season constant temperature swimming pool and a spa pool. From now on, your swimming is no longer limited by pool space, let alone the effects of seasonal climate change. You can swim whenever you want. When the water temperature is heated to 34-40℃, the endless pool can also be used as a hydrotherapy pool. You can make full use of the water temperature and buoyancy and other characteristics for systemic hyperthermia, plus exercise therapy to achieve maintenance, The effect of fitness, makes the body and mind get double leisure and relaxation.

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