Steel Structure Swimming Pool

The galvanized steel swim pool, also name as liner pool, and this liner pool uses steel panels to replace the reinforced concrete to build pools . The steel swimming pool not only has all the advantages of cement swimming pool, but also has a short construction time and low labor construction costs.
The steel swimming pool is mainly composed of six systems: steel structure system, pool liner system, pool filtration system , platform system, cleaning system and pool accessory system. So far, steel structure swimming pool has been widely used in standard competition pools, school pools, children's pools, villa pools and water parks.
Due to its long service life, short construction time and low construction cost, the steel structure swimming pool is quickly accepted as soon as it enters the market.
So far , our steel structure swimming pool has been built in Dubai ,the united states, Taiwan, Philippines , Vietnam and other countries .
The latest steel structure pool project sizes are as follows :
1.The UAE Dubai steel structure swimming pool consists of 3 swimming pools, the size of which is: competition pool (25*12m*1.4m), children's training pool
(15*7m *1.4m)  and water park (20*16m*30cm).
2. Taiwan steel structure swimming pool, its size is 22m*15 m*1.5m.
3. Philippine steel structure swimming pool, this pool is built in a private villa swimming pool, the size of the pool is (4.5m *11m* is 1.2m). 


Guangzhou Denor Swimming Pool Equipment Co., Ltd, is a Chinese High-Tech professional swimming pool company, not only we have our own China pool factory in Guangzhou Guangdong and Ganzhou Jiangxi but also have professional sales team, designers and installation and after-sales service, so that we can provide the high-quality pool supplies and one-stop solution for any pool. As a swimming pool equipment manufacturers, we also sell our independently developed products, such as the Degaulle endless pool, the Pipeless pool filter, swim counter-current machine. Denor Swimming pool is major at swimming pool field for more than 20 years, we have built up thousands of pools at home and abroad, such as professional competition pools, all shapes of residential pools, permanent concrete pools, fitness club pool, prefabricated stainless steel vinyl pool and so on.
Today we focus on Steel Structure Swimming Pool and One Stop Solution.

How to build your own above ground pool in a short time?
Even if we are far away from you, we can provide you with the best one-stop pool build service. Steel Structure Swimming Pool is top picks that are prefabricated, easy to transport and install.

First of all, Contact our sales!

Then, the pool blueprint. Telling us your ideal pool like, the dimensions and application, and detail demands. Such as the Filtration system, Disinfection system, Pool thermostat system or any other accessories. Our professional pool designer will design your pool according to these messages and show you a pool blueprint. And then confirm the details. If you have the pool blueprints we can confirm the detail demands and then show you the quote. The cost can be more controllable because everything is already prepared.

After payment, the sale will arrange the order to our Factory. Our China Pool factory is known for its efficiency. The main body of the Steel Structure Swimming Pool is composed of 2mm thick galvanized steel panels. It is suitable for any environment for its corrosion resistance. We are also a swimming pool equipment manufacturers provide the equipment well so that details can be well matched before the actual installation.

Next is Shipping. Steel Structure Swimming Pool is composed of steel panels that can be taken part to ship in a smaller volume.

After arrival, you can choose our professional installation team or your local team to install your pool. We will provide the installation drawing, and everything is getting ready so the pool is really easy to install in a short time. Furthermore, the construction of Steel Structure Swimming Pool is immune to the weather, no like the concrete pool, it needs a sunny day all the time.

With the direct China pool factory price, comprehensive swimming pool equipment manufacturers, and professional sale and pool designer team to provide you the one-stop pool building service, Guangzhou Denor Swimming Pool Equipment Co., Ltd is your best choice.


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