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Steel Structure Swimming Pool Introduction
Steel Structure Swimming Pool, also known as “Assembled Swimming Pool”, now it has become the development direction of the current domestic swimming fitness equipment. The principle is to complete the custom production of all standard components in the factory, complete the assembly and construction of swimming pool facilities of various specifications by means of on-site assembly operations, and Steel Structure Swimming Pool can be quickly installed in most simple flat sites according to the user's requirements. It has significant site adaptability compared to ordinary civil swimming pools. Therefore, it was named as dismantling swimming pool. body.

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5 Advantages of Steel Structure Swimming Pool

Advantage 1: Easy to install
Degaulle Steel Structure Swimming Pool is a easy and quick product that can be tested in any area. It avoids general swimming pools in the construction of the necessary complex civil problems.It only needs a medium-sized flat site.

Advantage 2: Shorter construction period, faster rate of return
The construction period of Degaulle Steel Structure Swimming Pool is short. Professionals can complete a well-equipped swimming pool that can be run within 30 days. This is no doubt that a brand-new and ideal concept for fast-running Swimming pool.

Advantage 3: Strong adaptability to the venue, providing training and competition requirements
The principle of Degaulle Steel Structure Swimming Pool is to complete the custom production of all standard components in the factory, complete the assembly and construction of swimming pool facilities of various specifications by means of on-site assembly operations, and Steel Structure Swimming Pool can be quickly installed on a general level site according to the user's requirements.

Advantage 4: Reasonable use of the site without strict restriction
Degaulle Steel Structure Swimming Pool completely overcomes the strict restrictions on the construction period, investment scale, and land demand of ordinary civil swimming pools. It has the advantages of economical cost, easy installation, quick construction, and reasonable make use of the advantages of the original system of general leveling ground.

Why steel swimming pools manufacturers do not produce concrete swimming pools?

The concrete swimming pool first applies to the government for commercial land. It is mainly made of sand, steel and concrete. The wholesale above ground pools is heavy. Once abandoned, it must be refilled. This will generate a lot of construction waste, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The texture of the concrete swimming pool is too hard, thermal expansion and contraction, and areas with large environmental temperature differences will cause the pool to crack. The swimming pool must undergo major maintenance in the later stages.


As a professional swimming pool manufacturer, we validated the steel swimming pools breaks the traditional construction method of the concrete pool, saving time, manpower and cost. Generally speaking, it takes two to three months to build a traditional concrete swimming pool, while the construction time for demolition of the swimming pool does not take one month. The steel structure combined swimming pool is not restricted by the site conditions. The civil wholesale above ground pools construction requires high site requirements. The swimming pool has a large dead weight and requires the help of large-scale machinery. The steel swimming pools is relatively light and light, and can be easily installed indoors, on the roof or in the basement. The steel swimming pools can also carry out a small amount of maintenance for swimming pool manufacturer, easy to clean, and care: only a small amount of maintenance costs and maintenance work can give you a beautiful and clean swimming pool, and solve your worries. Suitable for the most difficult environment: Whether the swimming pool is built on the roof, grass or other more complex environments, the unique Degaulle steel swimming pools manufacturer can meet your requirements.


With the rapid development of the world, people's demand for wholesale above ground pools is also increasing. However, traditional concrete swimming pools can no longer meet the needs of current swimming pool operators and swimming enthusiasts. Concrete swimming pools will be phased out and steel swimming pools manufacturers will no longer produce Concrete swimming pool.


What is a steel swimming pools? The basic components are made of aluminum-magnesium-zinc steel plates. According to the requirements of use and the structure of the swimming pool, the swimming pool formed by bolt connection according to certain rules is called a steel swimming pools.


Features of steel swimming pools:

1. The steel swimming pools has a lighter weight;

2. The steel swimming pools has high operating reliability;

3. The material of the steel swimming pools has good seismic and impact resistance;

4. The steel swimming pools can be assembled accurately and quickly;

5. The steel structure is not easy to corrode.


As the swimming pool manufacturer,I can introduce to you that the principle of the steel swimming pools is to complete the production of all standard parts in batches in the factory, and use simple assembly methods to directly assemble and construct various specifications of swimming pool equipment on the spot. The steel swimming pools can be quickly installed in most general flat sites that meet the requirements according to the user's needs. According to international standards, the steel swimming pools can provide all the training and competition requirements of conventional swimming venues.


Installation process of steel swimming pools system:

1. A full set of steel swimming pools accessories are prefabricated in the factory, and the inner wall of the swimming pool is 2.5 mm thick aluminum-magnesium-zinc steel plate and other wholesale pool equipment.

2. The flat ground and load-bearing requirements can ensure the accuracy and safety of the steel swimming pools size.

3. Assemble the overflow tank, ensure that it is level, connect the components, and tighten the screws.

4. Assemble all the enclosures in order, do not tighten all the screws until the complete pool is assembled, and ensure the accuracy of all measurements; after connecting all enclosures, set the overflow trough and make the platform, step ladder, Disinfect the pool, swimming pool accessories, etc., and finally heat-melt the PVC film to complete the necessary steps carefully.

5. After the pool body is assembled, connect all the pipe fittings of the filtration system for operation and wholesale pool equipment.

6. First-class swimming pool water circulation system, swimming pool filtration system, swimming pool constant temperature system, swimming pool disinfection system, automatic circulation system, the water quality is clear and can be seen.

Galvanized Steel Swimming Pool advantage 1-4

Advantage 5: Excellent investment, excellent rate of return
Degaulle Steel Structure Swimming Pool has an excellent investment. It can be run throughout the year. It is the preferred professional equipment for fitness clubs, and home users to operate swimming sports. It can help investors get rich returns and promote the popularity of swimming.

Excellent investment, excellent rate of return



Galvanized Steel Swimming Pool

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