A New Type Of Pool-Steel Swimming Pools

Many people long for a swimming pool? Considering the long construction time, troublesome maintenance, and expensive shipping costs, many people can only choose to swim in public swimming pools instead of building their own swimming pools. Now there is a new type of swimming pool---steel swimming pools, which can be built quickly, saving installation time, saving transportation costs, etc. In this article we share with you the steel swimming pools. Does it really suit you?To help you decide if steel swimming pools are really the long-term investment you’re looking for, we’ll walk you through the features of these new types of steel swimming pools.


Why Are Steel Swimming Pools Growing In Popularity ? The most notable features of steel structure swimming pool are as follows.

1.they are the most durable, low-maintenance option available. Unlike every other pool type, stainless steel will not rip, crack, or degrade, not even in extreme weather conditions.

2.The steel structure swimming pool has low installation time and installation cost, and it can be used in many places,such as houses,hotels , villas , gym clubs and etc.

3.Steel structure swimming pools are also much lighter than their concrete or acrylic counterparts. They are light enough to transport that they can be made off-site, tested for quality, and then delivered to your yard. Due to its lightweight quality, a steel structure swimming pool can be installed in areas that other pools just can’t. This includes on rooftops and basement . Between its weight and other installation benefits, stainless steel pools can be quickly installed.




Manufacturing Process

Galvanized steel pool is made with a frame of steel panels. During manufacturing, the steel is galvanized, which means it is dipped in a zinc solution to make it resistant to corrosion and rust. Steel structure swimming pools are widely used in many occasions, such as hotels, schools, water parks, gymnasiums and gyms. One of our customers from UAE, he plans to install three swimming pools indoors, namely children's water park, children's swimming pool and competition swimming pool. If you choose to build a civil swimming pool, the cost is high and the construction time is long.


In the United Arab Emirates, swimming is a very popular project, and he plans to build it in 3 months, so that the market can be opened quickly to attract more customers. According to the needs of customers, we recommend steel structure swimming pool to the customer. The steel structure swimming pool is ideal for indoors, it has a concrete bottom and is surrounded by steel frame panels.At the same time, its service life is 15 to 18 years, and the construction time of the three swimming pools is 75 days. If you install a galvanized steel pool indoors, the indoor venue needs to meet the following requirements:

1. The height of the venue is not less than 4 meters

2. The ground of the site is a flat concrete floor

For steel structure swimming pool,how to choose suitable pool equipment. The swimming pool equipment it requires is the same as the civil swimming pool. Except for swimming pool tiles and swimming pool accessories, other swimming pool equipment is the same as the civil swimming pool. For steel structure swimming pools, its waterproofing system is pool liner, not tile. The installation of swimming pool liner is more convenient, and its transportation and cost are lower. Its waterproof effect is the same as that of swimming pool tiles. For pool equipment , the essential swimming pool equipment list for steel pool .

  • pool filters
  • pool heat pump
  • pool disinfection system
  • pool lighting system
  • pool cleaning system
  • pool cover system
  • pool accessories

For pool filters ,you can choose sand filters and cartridge Filter.They can keep your pool water cleaner,increase the efficiency of your pool’s chlorine and creates a healthy pool ecosystem.

For pool heat pump ,choosing the right pool heater will depend on where you live, how often you use your pool and the size of your pool. If you want the most energy-efficient and reliable heating solution for your pool, your needs will determine what kind of system works best for you.

For pool cleaner ,automatic pool cleaner is best for galvanized steel pool.It will ensure a longer life of the pool liner. If you use manual pool cleaner, it will easily scratch the pool liner and shorten the life of the pool liner.

For pool cover ,it can help heat your pool. As swimming pool manufacturer,pool cover is good partner and important swimming pool equipment for pool heat pump. Around 75 percent of heat loss is due to evaporation, so a solar cover acts as a barrier against that. No matter what pool heating system you choose, a pool cover can help preserve your water’s temperature against surface evaporation by covering the entire area of the pool itself. If you are considering building steel swimming pools, please consult Degaulle swimming pool equipment company.

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