Introduction To The Swimming Pool Water Treatment Process

With the continuous improvement of people's living needs, swimming has gradually become an indispensable sports item in people's life, and its position in life is becoming more and more important. In recent years, my country's swimming facilities have developed rapidly. From the location of swimming pools, there are two types of swimming pools: outdoor open-air swimming pools and indoor heated swimming pools. From the nature of swimming pool use, there are competition pools, training pools, diving pools, children's paddling pools, etc.; from the nature of operation, there are public swimming pools, swimming pools in commercial hotels, and swimming pools in private villas. With the increase of the number of users, bacteria grow in the swimming pool, and the water quality deteriorates, which directly endangers the health of swimmers. Water treatment has become an important issue that cannot be ignored. The following is a detailed introduction to the swimming pool water treatment process.




Introduction to swimming pool water treatment process

The water in the swimming pool is relatively easy to handle. The pool water treatment of the swimming pool is divided into two parts, namely the circulating swimming pool water treatment of the swimming pool and the overflow water treatment. Integrating the treatment process of all swimming pool water, the following process is generally adopted. For the circulating water of the original swimming pool, it is directly filtered and then treated with a disinfectant. The disinfectant is sodium hypochlorite disinfectant, which is prepared and provided by the sodium hypochlorite generator on site.


As for the overflow water of the swimming pool, as long as there is no defect in the design of the circulation pipeline, the waste of water caused by the defect of the system is avoided, so that there is only overflow water within the normal range. For normal swimming pool overflow water, if it needs to be treated, it will be coagulated first, then filtered, circulated in the swimming pool water pump, then disinfected with medicine, and finally enter the swimming pool. The filter material of the main circulation filter tank is generally made of quartz sand, which has a long service life and good filtering effect. In addition, it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature of the pool water in the swimming pool.



Heat pump pool heater is an emerging method of heating pools is the swimming pool heat pump. A electric pool heat pumps efficiency is dependent on the outside temperature and since pools are usually used during warm and mild weather, heat pumps are a very efficient method of heating pools. Using a pool heat pump makes sure your swimming pool stays as enjoyable in the fall and spring as they are in the summer. Heat pumps do not generate heat, they simply capture it and move it from one place to another to heat. The swimming pool heat pump pool heater is a device that absorbs low-temperature heat energy in the air, converts it into high-temperature heat energy after being compressed by a compressor, and then releases it into cold water to heat the water temperature. Compared with traditional hot water equipment such as traditional gas, oil, and electric boilers, swimming pool heat pump pool heater have three major advantages:


1) Energy-saving products: The main heating energy of the swimming pool heat pump pool heater comes from the free heat energy in the air. Electricity is only used to run the heat pump. The energy ratio is as high as 5.2, which is 5.2 times that of the electric boiler, so the power consumption during operation is very low. Under the same external conditions, the swimming pool heat pump is one of the most energy-efficient hot water equipment on the market.

2) High power: The output power of a single unit is large enough to meet various high-power heating or cooling occasions, and the footprint is small.
Long service life: The normal life of the host is as high as 15-20 years.

3) High safety performance: water and electricity isolation, no open flame, no leakage, ensuring personal safety, Green and environmental protection: adopting heat pump pool heater technology, compared with other conventional hot water equipment (such as: oil boilers, gas boilers, electric boilers, etc.), it can save 65% to 80% of operating costs, and has no pollution to the environment.


We are one of the prominent manufacturers of Swimming Pool Water Treatment Plant.Our energy efficient heat pumps to give you a nice warm pool without a sky high electric bill by using as little electricity as possible. In comparison with gas heaters, these pool heat pumps save as much as 80 percent in energy costs. pool water treatment are used to maintain the chlorine and PH levels of the pool to kill bacteria and algae and make the pool biologically safe. Pool water carrying particulate matter, solids and debris is passed through the filtering media that allows clear water to return to the pool.we offer various types of  filtration plants to remove types of dirt.however, they have to be maintained properly as well. Swimming pools can end up being breeding grounds for algae and bacteria, causing several waterborne illnesses. Irrespective of the pool type, swimming pools must be sanitized regularly.

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