Why Choose Pool Water Heater?

A pool water heater is the best choice for economical, on-demand pool heating. Sure, gas heats faster,  but even at today’s lower prices, a gas pool heater can burn through thousands of dollars in natural or propane gas every year. pool water heater use small amounts of electricity to compress a refrigerant and rotate a fan. The heat created is essentially free, absorbed from the outside air and transferred into your pool water. Much is being said and written about pool heating. All kinds of new technologies are touted as being able to change the market. Yet the conclusion invariably remains the same: a heat pump is still the best and most economical pool heating solution. A quick comparison with the other options immediately shows why a pool water heater is the best heating device for your pool.

An electric pool heating system is quite simply far too expensive to use.  It uses so much electricity that it can only be considered for whirlpools up to 1500L. An electric system is absolutely unsuitable for a standard pool of approx. 50,000L. The main drawback of gas or fuel oil heating systems is their low efficiency. These heating systems require 5 kW of energy to generate 1 kW of heat, whereas for a heat pump it is just the other way around. Solar systems are also quite popular pool heaters, but then you have to rely solely on the sun.  As a result, the use of such a system alone is not possible in Belgium or the Netherlands. However, this system can be used efficiently in combination with a heat pump. One of our customers from Oman finally chose pool water heater based on local usage conditions. Oman has a tropical desert climate. The average temperature in Oman is 21°C ~ 31°C throughout the year. The client requested that the target heating temperature of the swimming pool is 35°C.He compared various pool heating systems and settled on a heat pump pool heater. Because the air source heat pump pool heater mainly heats the pool water by absorbing the heat in the air.The higher the local ambient temperature, the less electricity the air source heat pump pool heater uses, resulting in more energy savings.

Why Does He Choose Air Source Heat Pump Pool Heater ?

Degaulle air source heat pump pool heater can solve the following problems for customers.

Saving electricity-heat pump pool heaters are a great way to save some serious money on your utility bills and still heat your pool effectively. Swimming pool heat pumps are an emerging method of heating swimming pools.A heat pump pool heater efficiency is dependent on the outside temperature and since pools are usually used during warm and mild weather, heat pumps are a very efficient method of heating pools. Heat pumps do not generate heat, they simply capture it and move it from one place to another.

Extend the life of your pool- Increase the time you spend in your pool with the use of a heat pump. Keep your pool clean and running efficiently during the winter months.

Protect the environment-When it comes to the environment, heat pumps are more eco-friendly; heat pumps don’t burn gas or use fuel at the unit (fuel is used to create the electricity), so they produce zero CO2 emissions. Using minimal electricity, heat pumps pull the heat that they need from the surrounding air, so they are a better fit for pool owners that want to be green. Natural Gas and propane heaters do burn at the unit and therefore emit exhaust from the combustion of the gas.  Heat pumps, therefore, may have a lower impact on the environment depending upon how your electricity is created.

Long lasting-For longevity, look no further than a heat pump for your pool. These units last and last. Heat pumps are widely lauded for being one of the most durable products around and a solid choice for many climates. A quality heat pump should last from 10-12 years, maybe longer! By contrast, most gas heaters will require replacement within 8-10 years.  All units’ lives are shortened when they are on the coasts exposed to saltwater conditions. Based on the above advantages, Hanny chooses to purchase Degaulle air source heat pump.

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