Endless Swimming Pool

Degaulle wholesale above ground endless pool is not the so-called infinity pool, is a pool which swimmer could enjoy swimming without a limited space. The endless swimming pool uses a special hydraulic propulsion device to form a directional water flow, then the swimmer swims in the pool through the counter-current, similar to the treadmill to achieve swimming and training purposes. This endless swimming pool is a beautiful sculpted acrylic ready swim spa can turn your home into a year-round oasis . Sure , the endless pool swim spa is not a spa, and the endless pool swim spa is combines with counter current machine , spa massage, constant temperature heat pump, fountain, ozone disinfection, UV disinfection, pool lights , waterproof  TV , water treatment and filtration all in one that you can swim , exercise , play , and entertain and also that endless swimming pool is the perfect fun-and-fitness solution for family , friend ,and sol retreats .
And the endless swimming pool is a ready swimming pool which you just need to connect the water pipes and electric cables that can use directly. Also the endless swimming pool is with intelligent controller which you can control the ready swimming pool by yourself without professional staff.
In addiction, there are three installation options of the ready endless swimming pool : embedded , semi-embedded, above ground .



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