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We are a china pool factory ,swimming pool equipment manufacturer and a supplier of integrated pool engineering solutions. We provide products according to customers' purchasing needs and provide complete swimming pool equipment solutions with customers' requirements for swimming pools, such as pool size , type , useful , water flow rate to equip with suitable full set pool equipment , including swimming pool water pump,sand filter, integrative pipeless pool filter, UV disinfection equipment,ozone disinfection ,LED waterproof pool lights, waterproof transformer ,automatic pool cleaner,air source heat pump ,swimming pool accessories such as pool ladders, PVC waterproof liner , staring blocks and swimming lanes. And our designers will offer a complete CAD pool drawing of how to installation water pipes , electric power and full set pool equipment , then you and your engineer could finish the whole pool installation according to our pool drawing. That will save your cost of pool design and make the installation easy . If you still do not know how to install swimming pool equipment according to our pool CAD drawing . We will provide guide of installation on-line or by videos to help you finish the installation and make your pool work well , achieve your dream swimming pools.


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